Minding your business since 1903.


Doremus+Co is no newcomer to the world of B2B. We began over a century ago in New York, founded by Clarence Barron—owner of Dow Jones & Company and de facto manager of The Wall Street Journal.

Genius that he was, Barron envisioned an agency that could create financial ads for The Journal, so he hired an ad man named Harry Doremus, whose name stuck and is still on our door today.

In the 119 years since, we’ve worked with clients in energy, education, healthcare, technology, telecom and more—outsmarting every boom and bust from the Great Depression to the Dot Com bubble. And in the process, we expanded to San Francisco, London, Frankfurt, Beijing, and Shanghai. 

With our long history as business specialists, creative chops that are second to none, and a healthy disregard for the typical B2B tropes, we help our clients solve their most complex challenges in an ever-changing marketing landscape.

Today, that’s made us Omnicom’s B2B specialist agency, with A-list clients and some serious awards on the shelf.

If only Harry Doremus could see us now.

The Company We Keep