The smallest, largest global B2B company in the world.


Founded in New York in 1903 by Clarence Barron of The Wall Street Journal, Doremus is named after Harry Doremus, who joined the agency from The Journal's advertising department.

Although Clarence and Harry are long gone, Doremus is still thriving and a rarity amongst agencies. Now part of Omnicom, it has survived booms, busts, cultural shifts and vast technological changes all while keeping its original name and spirit of independence intact for over a century.

This, in no small part, is due to the heady mix of talent that has called Doremus home and the ability to simplify complex products and services into compelling brand strategies and stories that engage with niche, hard-to-reach audiences.

With offices around the globe, Doremus provides unparalleled understanding into the complex challenges facing clients in the B2B space, supporting businesses across a vast array of industries including technology, healthcare, financial, insurance, energy, telecom, aerospace and education.

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