AI in Action

When it comes to speeds and feeds and the processors that make them possible, Intel has always been a leader, setting the pace as other chip makers struggled to keep up. But, as artificial intelligence became an emerging focus for business leaders, Intel found itself no longer top of mind. GPUs were dominating the conversation and making many believe that AI on Intel wasn’t even a possibility.

To put an end to these misconceptions, we set out to create a body of work that focused on tangible examples of Intel AI in action. From world-saving initiatives to life-changing ones, each story took a people-first approach to demonstrate how Intel AI is being used to solve real problems—proving that while Intel may not be IT’s first thought when it comes to AI, they are clearly helping lead the way in AI innovation.

As part of a broader campaign, brand metrics improved 50+% among target BDMs and ITDMs and overall opt-in goals were met six months ahead of schedule

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