LEGO Education

Rebuild Confidence

Despite LEGO’s brand popularity, LEGO Education is considerably less well-known. We needed to increase brand awareness of LEGO Education among educators and influencers, and clearly communicate LEGO Education’s POV on the benefits of purposeful play in a way that was relevant to the conversation that our educators were having.

This series of print ads was created to run in special sections of The New York Times. Knowing that unique LEGO pieces tend to draw in curious minds, we decided to hero pieces only available through LEGO Education. Each ad tells a story about how the hero piece helps students learn in new ways, develop essential STEAM skills, and build their confidence to face any type of challenge.

Nothing amazing has ever happened on the first try.
Who says you can't reinvent the wheel?
Don't let this smile fool you.
This isn't just another brick.

Winner, Print Campaign of the Year at the 2021 Global Ace Awards

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