Vonage Does That

You know how the hotel knows who you are the moment you call, so you feel kind of important? Or how you can have 11 people in 11 places, video conferencing and collaborating on the same presentation? Even getting a text alert when your pizza has been delivered to your front door? These are all things Vonage helps empower for companies around the world.

While you may remember Vonage as the early 2000s era VoIP telephone company with a catchy theme song, today, they are much more than that. Through their products and solutions, Vonage helps accelerate the world’s ability to connect however, wherever, and from any channel they choose. In a series of 10-second films, we captured the complexity of business use cases in a relatable, story-telling way, showing how Vonage helps empower the modern world we live in.

“It embodies the shift from a residential home phone service provider into a B2B company and a global leader in business cloud communications by reinforcing that Vonage powers many of the apps, software and business communications people use every day.”

Joy Corso
CMO, Vonage

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